Interview? Why, soitently.

Here’s a little author interview to get to know me better. Thanks goes to Essie MV (@essiemv at, author T.H. Hernandez (@TheresaHernandz on Twitter), Fiona West (@FionaWestAuthor on Twitter), and Moss Whelan  (@Moss_Whelan on Twitter) for compiling these.

Why did you use the timeline you did in Three Star Island? What made you choose the years you did? 

To be honest, it was partially random, partially due to research. I needed a year that was a tad more modern than the 17th century (1721) , and one on the very edge of the decline of pirates. I also didn’t want to write a story near or during the Revolutionary War, either, which helped me in my decision to make Captain William Payne not just a regular sailor, but a pirate.

Romance has its detractors. How do you make this a golden opportunity, or should the critics burn?

Critics can criticize all they like. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. However, I do like to take the opportunity to correct misconceptions about the genre (i.e. ‘romance readers are stupid’, ‘romance readers can’t think for themselves’, ‘the genre is easier to write because it’s fluffy’), especially when the misconceptions are steeped in 50-year-old misogyny-driven opinions.

What’s your favorite pirate movie? There is a correct answer.

There is, and Pirates of the Caribbean is the incorrect one.

What’s your favorite time travel novel and why?

Probably the Doomsday Book by Connie Willis. There’s nothing like accidentally bouncing back to the Black Death when none of your tech works and a priest gets romantic, unrequited feelings for you to get the heart pumping.

Where in the world would you go, if $$ wasn’t an issue?

The U.K., every time. My heart’s there. My roots are there, buried somewhere deep, and there’s so much history. Herculaneum in Italy would be a close second.

What romance can you re-read at least once a year?

  1. The Ghost and Mrs. Muir by R.A. Dick.
  2. The Heart Collector by Barbara Russell
  3. .Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

What’s your go-to comfort food?

Does rum count? No, just kidding. Really…

Anything horrifically spicy. The hotter the better. And spicy Cheeze-Its.

What’s your next book about?

It’s a paranormal romance set in modern-day England featuring the Black Shuck (a ghostly black dog that roams East Anglia), evil fae, shapeshifters, and ghosts!