Vacay? OKAY.

I’m extremely excited to be going to England sometime this year to visit my in-laws. I haven’t been in about ten years, and I’m already planning my itinerary.
Much to my husband’s chagrin, it’s all based on what I have written, what I am writing, and what I’ll be writing.
I desperately want to go to the Greenwich Maritime Museum in London. It’s been on my bucket list for ages. I’ll be able to see the tall ships up close and soak in centuries of history.
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I’ll be dragging my poor husband into Suffolk, solely for the fact my latest WIP novel is set in a fictional town not far from the coast in East Anglia. I want to be able to see and feel the things I’ve up until now only been able to learn about via TV, books, or Youtube. I want to touch clunch stone, to smell the fens, to hear people talk about the Black Shuck.
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We’ll also be heading to Hythe, if I can manage it, where there’s an ossuary. OSSUARY. A chapel dedicated to displaying the bones of the dead. I can’t wait.
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They always say “write what you know”. And I’m hoping to know a heck of a lot more at the end of the trip!
Writing tip:
Travel is one of the best gardens for growing plotlines, scenery, character development, and just expanding your experiences with people.
Do it, even if it’s just across your state line or the neighboring province.