Spotlight on The Heart Collector by Barbara Russell

I’m very excited to share my review of The Heart Collector by Barbara Russell!

The Heart Collector was a wonderful, lushly-written read. Barbara Russell’s characters are so well-rounded and full of life, they jump off the page. Her heroine, Isabel, is at once strong and vulnerable, innocent and intelligent. The world-building is fantastic!

I especially liked the side-characters, such as Trigger, who immediately stole my heart. They’ve been written to feel real and relatable, not just flat, two-dimensional pawns to help the story along.

The steam punk setting is well-written, also, and it’s so cool for me as an American to read something set in NZ (even a fantasy NZ), because it’s an exotic twist to the genre. The steam punk aspects never become overwhelming or distracting, and it’s clear that Barbara Russell has taken her time with her world-building.

I highly recommend this slow-burn romance!